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Your local Manoush Express is: Harrow, 7-9 Sheepcote Road, HA1 2JN.


Taste it first! Welcome to Manoush Catering

Need catering for a small party @ home or a large wedding at a London venue? Come to Manoush and taste our food first!

اول مزه کنید!

به دنبال تهیه غذا برای مهمانی خودتان هستید؟ حتماً قبل از تصمیم گیری غذای منوش رو مزه کنید!

امتحان کردن غذا، بهترین راه برای مطمئن شدن از کیفیت غذای انتخابی ست .

جشن عروسی خاطره ای تکرار نشدنی است و یاد و خاطره آن روز به همراه دردسرهای شیرینش همیشه در یادمان باقی می ماند. اگر قصد انتخاب يك كيترينگ مناسب را براى مجلس عروسى يا مهمانيتان داريد با ما تماس بگيريد!  020 7096 0957

منوش با انواع غذاهای اصیل و محبوب ایرانی، دریایی و انواع سالادها، دسرها و نوشیدنی ها با شناخت از ذائقه شناسی فرهنگهای مختلف، در خدمت شماست.

Why Manoush Catering?

  • We have established ourselves as one of the leading Persian food caterers in London/UK.
  • High quality, freshly prepared persian food on the day.
  • Friendly staff.
  • We have the passion for good food & excellent customer service.
  • Manoush Cuisine only charge for chef services, everything else you pay at supplier cost.
  • We believe in the power of good food, it creates a long-lasting impression on anyone who experiences fine-dining elegance.

With exceptional attention to detail and commitment to the client’s requirements, we aim to create a truly memorable Persian cuisine experience in the privacy of your own home or to a reception in one of London’s top venues.

Telephone us or submit the catering request form at the bottom of this page to place an order or simply to discuss your requirements. T. 020 7096 0957 (Joseph)

چرا منوش؟

  • غذای تازه از مواد اولیه سالم و بالاترین استاندارد
  • هزینه پایین تر : مواد اولیه لازم به قیمت خرید با شما حساب می شود.
  • تحویل مجانی غذا در هر نقطه لندن بزرگ
  • تیم بسیار دوستانه - با دقت فوق العاده به نیاز شما، هدف ما ایجاد یک شب به یادماندنی با غذای ایرانی در منزل یا سالن انتخابی شما در لندن.

لطفا فرم موجود در این صفحه را پر کرده و برای ما ارسال نمایید یا با شماره تلفن یوسف 020 7096 0957 تماس بگیرید.

Free delivery within Greater London!

We serve any area in Greater London. But do let us know if you are further out from our covered service area. Depending on the size of your event, we might be able to cater for your event!

Food tasting

Why not taste our freshly prepared food for yourself? Our restaurant is in central London W2. To arrange food tasting, please call Joseph on T. 020 7096 0957 or submit the catering form in this page.

Catering packages and pricing

  • Standard package: £23.00 to £25.00  per person
    - Starter
    - Salad
    - Main course
    - Soft drink

  • Standard package: £23.00 to £25.00 per person
    - Salad
    - Main course
    - Soft drink

  • Iranian tea packages:
    1. Iranian tea: £1.50 per person
    2. Tea and sweet: £2.50 per person. includes Iranian sweet: Zoolbiya Bamiyeh
    3. Traditional Iranian setup (Ghavekhaneh irani): £3.50 per person. Includes: Zoolbiya Bamiyeh, Baghlawa, Noghle & Pashmak. (see photo below)
    4. Tea glass hire only (Without tea!): £1.00 per person


  • Packages quoted for minimum 100 people. For Less then 100 people, please speak to Joseph: 020 7096 0957
  • Common meals for events are:
    Zereshk-Polo with Chicken, Albalo polo, Shirin polo, Baghali polo, Bamieh Stew, Chicken Kebab on the bone, Koobideh Kebab, Saffron Rice and Bread
  • Food warmers included
  • Stylish crockery & cutlery!


My husband and I married earlier this year and, he being half Iranian, decided to go all out on Iranian food for our wedding breakfast. Manoush Cuisine provided an amazing Iranian spread for us! All the wedding guests, including our Iranian family, made multiple comments on how much they loved the food, its presentation, the friendly service of the team and the variety.

From an organisational perspective we were impressed with their communication and response time, and their very good customer service. We would recommend using Manoush Cuisine to cater for your Iranian food for large and smaller parties, we are sure you will be satisfied.

Thanks Manoush!

Jennifer Meinsen
September 2014

Discuss your catering needs with Joseph: 020 7096 0957

Traditional Iranian tea setup for your event £3.50 per person!


Fruit display: £285.00


Chef/Assistant Chef £120 each
Waiting staff £85.00 each
Manoush Fruit Display £285.00
Flower Arrangement On Application

Please note that there is a deposit to be paid on hired items which would be: The hiring price x 3. This amount is to be returned to the customer in full when everything is returned to us fully clean and undamaged.